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Cardinal River Černý kondor

foto: Jiří Kliment 







I’m very happy with my Aussies and horses!!

We will have puppies!

You can find more information here

 I love dogs and other animals since my childhood.

At the beginning I practiced sports cynology with German Shepherds and Rottweilers,

but later my niece Venda started to ride a horse and thenceforward we spend with our horses all the free time.

There were held some western races on the ranch, where I saw nice parti-colored dog of medium size,

which impressed me with their exterier, easygoing nature and independence.

All day friendly, but at night excellent watchdogs.

Aussies keep themselves on the ranch, they are friendly with other pets and farm animals, like to work and love its family.

For a long time I was only watching Aussies on the Internet and was gathering information about them.

And after a few years I bought a blue merle bitch Angelina. But one Aussie is not enough 🙂 and she needed a friend so I bought another female – red merle Hayley.

Aussies are now full members of our family, and they are working with our horses, we also do the rescue search training, obedience, odor works