Otec:  EROS of Crystal Lake


Black tri, import Francie

Shows: 3x CAC, r.CACIB, 2x CC, VExcellent


 HD A- MVDr. Pepřík
EDED A – MVDr. Pepřík
Spine clear – MVDr. Pepřík
Testing eyes: negativní
DNA PRA-prcd: Clear (Normal)
DNA CEA: Clear (Normal)
HSF4: Clear
MDR1: +/-






  Father of puppies is young temperament Eros of Crystal Lake from France

He has excellent pedigree and very good  character.

Eros likes aport, he is talent for coursing and next dogs sports.

He likes peoples, sports  and all dogs and animals. He is don´t conflikt with other male of dogs.





Matka:  Angelina Emily Bohemia


Blue merle

Shows: CAC, r.CAC, excellent


 HD A – MVDr. Ekr
Testing of eyes : očí: repeatedly negative

DNA neg. PRA-N/N Clear Slovgen 2012

HSF4: Clear
MDR1: +/+ non carrier

Workings test: RH-E, BH, ZOP , ZZO, FPr1, FPr2, ZPU1, FPr3, StPr1, ZZZ, ZPU-S



Angelina is beautifful female with vell-formed head, she is  excellent  friend and retrievers .

She training rescue searches and tracking.

Angie love our family and all animals. 


Angie  learning fast and vell new tricks, she is donť agresive .


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