Litter “B”  Černý kondor




Hayley Svěží vítr x Axel Moon  Carcassone Tolugo







B vrh


Date of mated :  January 26, 2014

Discovered pregnancy: February 20, 2014

Expected date of birth: March 31, 2014

Date of birth : 27.3.2014


Was born 9 puppies!! (8 female and 1 male)

next photos here  




BAHRAM red tri pes P1050442


red tri male , 369 g

RTG DKK A/A, DLK 0/0, OCD clear

stud dog

BASILEIA red merle P1050400


red merle female , 356g

BARAKIEL red merle tmavá P1050334


red merle female , 408 g

BIBIANA red merle nestandard P1050342


red merle female, 316 g

non-standard color

BABIEL red tri P1050428


red tri female, 347 g

BEATRIX red tri bílá přes nohu P1050417


red tri female, 325 g

BELLANCA red tri tenká lysina P1050413


red tri female , 330 g 


BASTET  black tri s plným límcem P1050365


black tri female, 341 g

canisterapeut exam

BEHEMIEL black tri P1050384


black tri female, 324 g





Father  : ICh.Axel Moon  Carcassone Tolugo  

black tri, red factor  








CIB – international champion  GRAND CHAMPION RUMUNSKA, CHAMPION Czech, POland, Romania, JUNIOR CHAMPION Czech,Poland  Multi Junior BOB, 3x BOB, 3x CACIB, BIG, BIG III, R. BIS puppy, Junior Club Winner, Club Winner, Winner of speciality show 2011, National Winner, CACIB, res. CACIB, 5x CAC TOP TEN Australian Shepherd – 2. place young male 2010, open male 2012  


Health tests:

HD a normal, ED a normal;  DNA PRA also CEA Normal, complete set of teeth, scissors bite, eyes test neg.  MDR1  normal by parentage     Exams :  ZVOP -Herding instinct   



Grandfather: JCh. Ch. Skeldale MORE CONTROL 

Black tri,  HD A, ED 0/0, MDR 1: +/+, complete set of teeth, scissors bite





Grandmother : Carcassonne Casey des Chemins Cathares ,

blue merle,

 Champion SK, Champion PL , Slovak Juniorchampion Czech Champion candidate, Hungary Champion candidate Interchampion candidate, Czech Juniorchampion candidate Polish Juniorchampion candidate BOB, CACIB, 2* R. CACIB, 11* CAC/CWC, 4* CAJC  

Working titles: ZOP, ZZO, BH

complete set of teeth, scissors HD a normal, ED a normal, spine OK eyes tests: DNA PRA, CEA – NORMAL, CLEAR, CEA, PRA, C. LL – neg. (2011) MDR1: +/+ , CLEAR, HSF4: CLEAR


Axel and his family have excellent health and character. 



Home agility here , here and here  



  Mother : Hayley Svěží vítr

(more info about Hayley here  )  

 Red merle, red faktor





  Shows :

Excellent,  r. CAC   


Health tests :  

HD A normal, ED normal ,  MDR1 +/-, klinické vyšetření očí negativní  DNA CEA, PRA neg. after parentage                               HSF4 clear   


Working Exams :

(obedience, tracking, rescue searching in area and in rubbles) 

ZZO, BH, FPr1, FPr2, FPr3, ZOP,  ZZZ, , RH-FL E, RH-T E, RH-TA, RH-FL A, ZVOP, ZPU1, StPr1, ZPS1


 Videos  here and here and little here 

Video – tracking  here 

Starting herding  here  

Playing with our horsee here

Spring playing and barking  here 

Dogs and children here  










12-08-10 Kondoři obrana+ balíky2 12-08-10 Kondoři obrana+ balíky8 12-08-10 Kondoři obrana+ balíky15 Hayley Brněnec 2013 zima Hayley obrana II Hayley Tovačov 2013 IIHayley+ LillyHayley+Rostík  



Father’s pedigree


CH. JCH Skeldale More Control


   MDR1: normal/normal (+/+) ,

HD and ED normal

eyes test -neg.

CH.Thornapple Cllimate Controlled 



CH.Heatherhill Sweet Talkn´Dude 

CH.Thornapple’s White Diamonds

Thornapple Mythical SkyDancer


CH.Thornapple Code Red

Ch. Mythical BlueLite Special
import Francie 
Juniorchampion SK
r.Champion Czech
Carcassonne Casey des Chemins Cathares
HD and ED normal 0/0, 
 CH. Elite Sunshine Chemin Cathares    CH. Am. Elite’s Eisen on the Cake
 CH. Am. Sunshines Social Butterfly
  Pocket des Chemis Cathares  Kinetic’s Sonic Boom

 Margot des Chemins Cathares


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